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Simply a huge fun day which we and the client enjoyed enormously..... this thank you will now self destruct
Thank you for making a complex event run so smoothly and for not screaming every time the teams changed!

Spy challenge

The spy challenge is a treasure hunt activity that is great fun and appeals to the James Bond in us all!

Before teams set off to follow the clues the teams must first  graduate through ‘Spy School’ where they learn about matters such as code ciphers, observations and reconnaissance, map reading and problem solving.

Having passed their initiation – coded messages take the teams outdoors in search of clues, evidence and equipment.

Teams follow trails to complete their ‘mission’ .

Recent missions include retrieving important information and equipment relating to a ‘top secret’ government ballistics project which, once all the clues had been resolved and all items of equipment had been found – left the teams with the complex task of coming together to design and build a series of rockets which actually flew to a height of over 1000 feet!

As with all our treasure hunts we can embed specific and unique information and clues about your company and your team.

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