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Why choose City Treasure hunts?

Telling you why we think you should choose us to run your treasure hunt  is a bit like us marking our own homework Рbut we hope our very long and what we think is a very impressive client list will help re-enforce the advantages, as will our selection of exciting and creative treasure hunt ideas and our extremely long and successful career in doing just that!

However – here’s even more reasons we’d like you to work with us

  • We are friendly, flexible and fun.
  • We speak fluent treasure hunt.
  • We will respond very quickly to your requests for proposals and information
  • We have a sense of humour and take what we do very seriously – but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
  • We are in business to do business – so we’ll always work with you to find the best solution – at the best price – to meet your needs.
  • We have been doing this a very long time – so we know what works.
  • We can create bespoke and unique treasure hunts out of any of our core themes , a combination of several or something completely new.
  • We can deliver in several European languages.
  • We love what we do.