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Shared Wisdom about Client & Supplier Relationships 21 February, 2014

Picture the scene ….. It is Friday morning at 10.00am and the phone rings. It’s one of your existing clients or maybe a prospect you have been talking to and they tell you that they would like a proposal for a decent project. They give you a ‘thud’ documents worth of background information, objectives, requirements, […]

Why Treasure Hunts Are So Popular 18 December, 2013

Whether you call a treasure hunts a treasure hunt, a scavenger hunts, a rally, a clue trail, a quest, it doesn’t really matter – the point is that they are all versions of the same thing – a game and an event ┬áin which individuals or teams have to solve clues, resolve puzzles, read maps, […]

London – Where variety is the key to treasure hunt heaven 15 November, 2013

When people first enquire about a treasure hunt in London their immediate concern is how can you possibly navigate round and take in such a huge city in just one day or even half a day. The answer – quite simply is you can’t! (Well you can navigate round easy enough using the underground, the […]