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Such a simple idea executed perfectly - and the drivers were amazing too - Thank you to the whole team.

Taxi Treasure Hunt

Well – all our treasure hunts are based on solving clues and there’s a bit of a clue about what this activity entails… a treasure hunt in taxis.

Using a fleet of local taxis (black in London, yellow in New York… etc.) we organise, pre-book and pre pay for each team to have their own taxi,  their own friendly and knowledgeable driver and their own kit bag with camera, maps, clipboard, clue sheets and all sorts of specialist equipment.

Routes are designed to allow for the fact that whilst each team has a vehicle – they have to allow for traffic, weather conditions, local events and of course how much they can persuade the driver to help (which in truth is usually not very hard!).

Our Taxi treasure hunts are designed to last a half day or a full day and can start and finish just about anywhere.

We often start at a client’s office or conference hotel and finish at a pub or restaurant – where drinks are served – films and photos viewed and results announced.

We allow for a maximum of 4 persons per cab.

Taxi treasure hunts are huge fun, very competitive and so, so simple – we guarantee everyone will be smiling at the end!

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