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The perfect event for our international conference - Big thanks to you, Hannah and Tom.
I haven't laughed so much for years - simply a great day - Thank you and well done.
It's not every day we see Steve speechless - that alone made the day special - Thank You
A treasure hunt and 'hair-ups' all on the streets of Birmingham city centre - superb!
Your professionalism, attention to detail and flexibility made the day run smoothly - thank you.
Sherie asked me to pass on thanks for a very slick team event - we'll definitely be in touch next year.

GPS Quest on Foot

In ancient mythology – a quest is a journey or trail in which the heroes – beat baddies – overcome adversity and find the golden fleece, the holy grail, the hidden city..etc

Well our Quest treasure hunts are slightly different (in that we are currently out of winged horses, 7 headed serpents, talking trees and lost cities made of solid gold (we are working on that one!)

The Quest Challenge is, however, a fun event scavenger trail / treasure hunt which can be run in absolutely any location (we have a great many already set both in the UK and overseas). Using digital, app-driven tech and working in teams get out there and explore your chosen location.

Armed with Kit bags containing cameras, clue sheets, maps, riddles… and all sorts of specialist equipment – teams must solve problems, find clues , take photos, shoot video, record music, collect tokens and resolve map locations .

The Quest Challenge is great fun, very flexible and can last from a few hours to several days. It guarantees a great day out and a good opportunity to bond with team colleagues.

Versions are available in cars, on foot, using public transport, on bikes , horses, boats, planes  – in fact you are only limited by your imagination (oh and your budget…ahem!)


As well as our generic Quest challenge – We have a number of speciality quest treasure hunts which are set around unique themes. These include:…..

  • Antiques Road-show
  • Rock N Roll
  • Christmas
  • Dragons Den
  • Jack The Ripper
  • Fashionistas
  • Master Chef

If you have an idea for a new one – let us know and we’ll develop it for you.

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