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London – Where variety is the key to treasure hunt heaven 15 November, 2013

When people first enquire about a treasure hunt in London their immediate concern is how can you possibly navigate round and take in such a huge city in just one day or even half a day. The answer – quite simply is you can’t! (Well you can navigate round easy enough using the underground, the buses, the boats and a TFL tube pass)

However – the whole point of a treasure hunt is that you and your team-mates have to plan your route – work out which answers you want to go get and which you might leave for another time. It’s an age old conundrum – do you go for the easy points – the ‘low hanging fruit’ as it were. Or do you go for the clues which are much harder to find or get to – which inevitably offer greater reward.

The great thing about London is that it lend s itself to compartmentalisation. London has a long and diverse history but if you analyse London – London is actually a series of villages and communities which have – over time – sprawled and grown until joined together.

Wimbledon, Hampstead, Richmond, Blackheath, Soho, Primrose Hill, Notting HIll,Highgate – all examples of villages with their own history – their own sights of interest – their own character – and each has plenty to offer for a bespoke treasure hunt in its own right. Combined or on their own – the villages of London provide a brilliant and unique treasure hunt landscape.

Then there are the many themes that are associated with London – Finance, Monarchy, The Music Business, The Plague, The Great Fire, The Blitz, Millionaires, Restaurants, The Romans, Fashion, Antiques…. and there are many more. In fact there are so many themes that for setting treasure hunt trails – planners are simply spoilt for choice.

Often – where a client is in a specific industry sector – London lends itself to the setting of a trail based on that industry. A good  example is fashion retail. Recently, a leading High Street, ladies fashion chain recently needed / wanted to do a treasure hunt as a team building exercise but also wanted to combine the experience with an opportunity to get their team into the competitors stores to have a good look around what they were up to – what their windows looked like – what the competitors’ customer service was like etc.. The treasure hunt that followed took teams to all the trendy fashion centres of London -Notting HIll, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Soho and Westfield!

Another aspect of London’s flexibility is the variety of transport available. Most commonly – treasure hunts tend to default to either taxis or TFL tube passes both of which work very well. But of course London has an impressive river boat service, private bicycle hire, Boris Bikes, electric bike, rickshaw, even horses and then there’s the more surreal options – such as a dining table at which eight people sit whilst pedalling their entire dining table through the streets of London.

What ever the reason for hosting a treasure hunt – no matter how long you have got – no matter what the budget is- London is very hard to beat!

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