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Thanks for yesterday, we really enjoyed the challenge and everyone was very complimentary about your team.
We've done a Metropoly Challenge 3 times now and every time it is as much fun as the last - Thank You
Thanks for organising this activity for us. We had a fantastic time and everyone was absolutely delighted!
The wrong team won!........but it was still superb - thanks so much for making such an enjoyable event.
We still don't know who took our camera - but still - a great day and the best team won (ahem!)
I dont know how you keep your enthusiasm after doing so many of these - another great day!
Certainly beats working for a living!

Metropoly challenge

Chances are that at some point during your lifetime you have played the well-known board game Monopoly. Well this is Metropoly – and the difference is – you are playing it for real!

The Metropoly Challenge is a treasure hunt that gives you a chance to see and explore virtually any major city or area.

We already have them set up in over 40 locations and guess what – if you want to do one somewhere we haven’t been before – we’ll set one up – just for you.

The Challenge starts with a briefing at which point the teams are revealed, the rules explained and the ‘kit bags’ handed out.

Before teams set off – they must plan their route and their strategy – travelling on foot, in cabs, bikes , boats or whatever transport is permitted in the challenge.

Just like the board game – the idea is to collect properties by photographing your team at key locations (i.e. in London – Mayfair, Old Kent Road etc.)

Teams must also complete a series of compulsory tasks (Community Trove and Pot Luck).

Finally – bonus points are scored for completing difficult or unusual tasks such as photographing the team with a Finnish Tourist (proof required) – photographing another team without them knowing or finding a set of bearded, identical twins!

General knowledge riddles and clues about the city add more competition still.

The game is designed so that it is unlikely any team can complete the entire Challenge so the key to success is to plan effectively, to have a strategy and to be creative!

In a full day Metropoly hunt – teams meet for lunch at a pub or restaurant before returning to the challenge for the afternoon. The day finishes back at base or at a pre-agreed location where the scores are marked, war stories swapped and prizes awarded.

The Metropoly Challenge – Like all our treasure hunts – is ideal for Team building, Corporate hospitality, Charity fund raisers, Incentives , Conferences activities, Corporate off-sites, Staff entertainment, Sports club socials, Christmas parties, stags, hens or just for the hell of it.

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