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Y Brasschaat (Belgium) Metropoly Treasurehunt


Brasshaat is a small, Flemish suburb of Antwerp located in Flanders. It is best known for the huge and beautiful private houses of the Belgian and Dutch families that live there and in 2006 won a LIVCOM award for the most liveable municipality in the world!(whatever that means).

We have a superb and quite unique, local Metropoly treasure hunt challenge set up there as we supported an international conference held at Brasshaat castle in 2013.

Whilst there is almost certainly not a version of the well known board game Monopoly – set up for Brasshaat specifically –  our Brasshaat Metropoly treasure hunt is a variation on that idea – the difference here being that you are playing for real!

Brasshaat is very compact and easy to navigate and you can cover literally the whole area on foot or bicycle (the locally preferred mode of transport) in a day or half day.

In our Brasshaat Metropoly treasure Hunt – teams will have to collect properties and clues by making their way to key locations around the area and photographing their teams performing tasks or finding hidden clues.

Once we have briefed the teams then their first job is to work out their route around the forest, the town and the castle and they must work out how to collect the most ‘points’ and in what order. There always more to do than the time allow so planning and teamwork are key.

Teams will finish at a pre disclosed location where they will hand in their equipment bags and answers and enjoy a refreshing beer(or three) whilst their results are marked.

Clues and tasks can also be uniquely tailored to your group, your company and your products to accommodate the groups age and physical profile, interests and themes of your conference or event.

Where time permits we also combine Brasshaat with Antwerp – which is a unique, vibrant, ancient and fascinating Belgian city – a major sea port and home of the European Diamond trade  and a perfect adjunct to create a two centre event.

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