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Warwickshire Spy Treasure Hunt


Warwickshire has many links with spying and espionage – one of the towers at Warwick Castle is even called Spy Tower.

The county is packed full of exciting and important locations ideal for treasure hunt clues and challenges including Stratford Upon Avon (with Shakespeare’s birthplace), castles at Kennilworth, Warwick, Brinklow, Brandon and several others, museums, stately homes, canals and even parts of the Cotswolds.

If you decide to host a Spy treasure hunts in Warwickshire – the Spy challenge will start with your teams having to pass through their basic training ‘Spy School’ to learn about reconnaissance, code breaking and problem solving amongst other things

Once completed – teams will set off in their vehicles (these can be hired in by us on your behalf or can be self drive owners cars) to follow clues around the area.

Working out the answer to riddles and problems will reveal the locations where teams will find clues, meet agents, collect evidence and covertly film enemy activity.

We have many different Spy Challenge trails in Warwickshire – some based within a small area – such as Stratford – some taking in the whole county and one which takes teams around Warwickshire and then on into Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire.

Warwickshire is hugely popular with our clients – not least because of its central location in England and the numerous top quality conference and meeting venues through the area

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