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Surrey Spy Treasure Hunt


Surrey is a large, beautiful and ancient county – bordering London with market towns such as Ewell, Guilford, Epsom, Godalming, Chobham and many more within its boundaries.

Its history long pre-dates the Romans and there are so many unique places to visit that any treasure hunt in guaranteed to be a unique event.

Surrey also has a long association with spies, espionage and war and there are many secret locations, vast underground WW2 bunkers and facilities for the protection of the country throughout the area.

The Surrey Spy Treasure Hunt starts with teams being invited to attend basic training ‘Spy School’ where powers of observation, code breaking ,disguise, intelligence gathering and problem solving will be all be tested to the limit.

Once completed – teams will follow sets of treasure trail clues to keep rendezvous meetings, film secret locations and collect vital information and equipment

Once complete – teams will return to ‘HQ’ where their intel will be collated and winners worked out.

We have many different Spy treasure hunt trails already in place but each one can be tailored to the profile of your group (ie age, fitness etc.) and also to where you are staying.

We are happy to recommend and even book for you a suitable place or venue to start and finish the event

Surrey is hugely popular as a location for Spy themed treasure hunts -– especially in the spring and summer months. Naturally because of its size this event requires transport (either self drive or hired vehicles which we can organise for you).

Alternatively we have several Spy Challenges that can be run in one location (ie Guildford for example).

If you would like to find out more why not give us a call and we can talk you through the ‘Surrey Spy Challenge experience’

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