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London Spy Treasure Hunt


There are a staggering 150 unique sites in London alone all connected in some way with espionage and Spying. For example – No 2 Whitehall Court was until 1919 the headquarters of MI6 and could only be accessed by negotiating various puzzling corridors and steps which were often difficult to tackle because of false walls and staircases which deliberately led to nowhere.

In the London Spy Challenge Treasure Hunt – teams will have to find and identify a great many of these landmarks as well completing many other ‘missions’.

Proceedings begin with a ‘Mission Briefing at which teams will learn about the dark arts of surveillance, code breaking, problem solving, camouflage, map reading, intel drops and tailing suspects.

They will have rendezvous meetings to keep – clues to find, co-ordinates to work out, pictures to take, video recordings to make and items to source as they make their way round London on tubes, buses, on foot, Boris bikes, boat and cabs.

In Treasure Hunt terms – London is a very big playground – not least because its one of the world’s largest cities and it has so much history. For this reason we are happy to tailor any London Spy Treasure hunt to the profile of your group (i.e. age, fitness, special interests etc) and also to where you are staying (i.e. so we keep it in a specific area – for example the City, Covent Garden, The West End etc.)

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