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Leeds Spy Treasure Hunt


Leeds is a fabulous place to take part in any kind of Treasure Hunt including a Spy Challenge because there is so much discover. For example…did you know that Leeds is home to Europe’s Oldest Caribbean Carnival, Leeds was where Jelly Tots were accidentally discovered by a scientist trying to make powdered jelly and Leeds boasts the UK most northerly commercial vineyard.

However – in a Leeds Spy Treasure hunt – solving clues and finding out local information is only half the battle.

To start the challenge teams take part in a ‘Mission Impossible’ style briefing at which teams learn about the dark arts of surveillance, code breaking, problem solving, camouflage, map reading and many other spy related tasks.

Throughout the day as the teams find their way about Leeds they will have secret rendezvous meetings to keep – clues to find, co-ordinates to work out, pictures to take, video recordings to make and challenges to complete.

Whether filming a scene from James Bond In the Civic Quarter at the Town Hall or searching for clues in the Shopping Quarter at the Corn Exchange or having a clandestine meeting with one of your ‘operatives’ in Park Square – deep in the Financial Quarter – the City of Leeds is a unique and exciting location.

As with all our treasure hunts and scavenger hunts our Leeds Spy Challenge can be tailored to the profile of your group (by age, fitness, special interests etc..) and also to where you are staying.  We are happy to source and recommend a suitable place or venue to start and finish and or to stay as appropriate.

Treasure hunt clues can also be themed to your company, your team, your products and your individual people

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