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Create Your Own Metropoly Treasure Hunt


No matter where ever you are in the world – if there’s a city nearby – it’s probably a safe bet that at some point Monopoly have created a board game about that city

Well – Metropoly is like the board game only it’s a treasure hunt, a team building game, a corporate event and the difference is that you are playing it for real.

Teams have to collect properties by visiting and photographing their teams at locations around the area.

So if you have a meeting or a conference or just want to hold a Metropoly treasure hunt in an area not shown on our locations list – then just tell us and we will create on for you.

Normally – All we need is a day in and around the location to set up the trail and clues. It’s also no problem if you want bespoke and in house questions and references included – we will do that too – no problem.

For overseas destinations – we clearly need to all for and include time and budget for travel – but we often fly out just 1 or 2 days in advance of your group and have everything ready for your arrival.

Whether it’s for a team building event, a conference activity or even a just for fun contact us now and let’s see what we can do for you/

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