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Brighton – Spy Treasure Hunt

Referred to by some as ‘London on Sea’ – Brighton is one of the most Cosmopolitan and funky seaside resorts in Britain. It’s unique history and closeness to the capital make it a superb venue for a treasure hunt of any sort ..and our Brighton Spy Challenge is one of the best we offer.

Brighton has a long association with all things spying. For example – did you know …..that the former owner of Club New York (Daniel James) – a hip hop and salsa club just off Brighton’s Churchill Square – was actually prosecuted for spying for the Iranian government or that one of Alfred Hitchcock’s Spy thriller TV shows – ‘Alfred Hitchcock Presents’ was filmed at the Royal Pavillion?

During the Spy Challenge – you will find yourself at some point visiting all manner of well-known landmarks such as

  • Brighton Marina
  • The Royal Pavillion
  • The Laines
  • The Grand Hotel
  • 7 Dials
  • The Beach
  • The Pier………………….to name a few

In addition to this – many of our Spy Challenges can and often do also include places of specific interest to your team and or company.

Having passed your initiation through our ‘Spy School’ where your powers of observation, code cypher breaking and problem solving will be tested to the limit you may then find yourself filming a scene from the latest James Bond movie on Brighton Pier, passing coded messages in the oldest pub in Brighton (never a chore!), or searching for the vital clues in Brighton’s flea markets.

We have many different Spy Challenge trails already in place but each one is tailored to the profile of your group (i.e. age, fitness etc.) and also to where you are staying. If it is a one-day event we will recommend and even book for you a suitable place or venue to start and finish.

Spy Challenge Clues and questions set in and around Brighton include questions and photographic / film challenges around all manner of subjects including:

  • The Laines (Brighton’s network of tiny cobbled lanes bursting with antique shops)
  • Brighton Pier
  • Brighton Folklore
  • Brighton Rock (the film and the sweets)
  • Rock N Roll
  • Romans, Saxons and Medieval Kings
  • Fishing, fishermen and all things Sea
  • Students
  • The famous Brighton gay scene
  • Football
  • Trains
  • Your company
  • Boats
  • WW2
  • The Russians
  • ……and so much more

Brighton has it all and is one of the most popular destinations we offer for any of our events. If you would like to find out more why not give us a call and we can talk you through the Brighton experience

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