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Birmingham Spy Treasure Hunt


Birmingham is one of the largest cities in Britain with almost 2.5 million inhabitants and a long association with Spying, secret intelligence and all things covert.

In 1946 – Dr Alan Nunn –a Birmingham born physics Lecturer at Kings College London – was arrested for leaking top secret information to the Russians. Even today Birmingham University receives £millions to advance secret research into nuclear weapons

In our Birmingham Spy Challenge, your teams will visit a great many landmarks and sights around the City as they make their way on foot (or by bike, cab or even boat subject to what you decide).

Teams will start by having to pass ‘selection’ by graduating through the ‘Spy Academy’ where their powers of observation, code breaking, problem solving, camouflage and all things spy will be tested to the limit.

They will have rendezvous meetings to keep – clues to find, co-ordinates to work out, pictures to take, video recordings to make and items to source as they make their way round the City Centre.

Birmingham has many different areas – from the network of canals to the Jewelry Quarter – from the Bullring to the Town Hall – at each location there will be clues, task and riddles.

All our Spy themed treasure can be tailored to the profile of your group (ie age, fitness etc) and also to where you are staying. If it is a one-day event we will recommend and even book for you a suitable place or venue to start and finish.

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