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Thank you for organising a great event! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and let off some steam!
Wow - Cycling in the Mountains was unbelievable - Thank you so much for making this a truly memorable event!
A big thank you to you and the team for making this year's offsite one to remember and not just because my bum's so sore!!!!
Pizza, Pasta, Pedals and Prizes - Doesn't get a lot better than that - Thank you Thank you
We've all done treasure hunts but this was so different - the challenge now is what do we do next year?
Thank you for such an immensely enjoyable day - The Cycling challenge was exactly as you described and a great deal more!

The Bicycle Challenge

The Bicycle Challenge is one of our most popular treasure hunts – for the simple reason it involves bikes!

Great in cities, towns or deepest countryside – each bicycle treasure hunt is always bespoke and unique to the surrounding area in which we run it.

Riding a bike for some is a daily activity whilst for others – it’s a journey back to childhood. Either way it’s a fantastically liberating experience and  one which really can change peoples lives (many people take up cycling after being on our events.)

Each trail involves, exploring, map reading, following a route, solving clues and all on mountain or hybrid bikes.

Combining treasure hunt, exploration journeys, wine trails, hill climbs, antiques adventures or whatever you want it to be – we create fantastic team experiences.

The bicycle challenge creates a phenomenal sense of achievement and can be designed to cater for all levels of mobility and fitness (including those who are less abled)

We take cycling and road safety very seriously and all our bicycle treasure hunts include helmets (which we insist are worn), hi-viz vests, guides, mechanics and full repair equipment.

Please note we hire our bikes from specialist rental partners (local to each area in which we work). We manage on your behalf all arrangements in terms of bookings, payments, logistics, maintenance and of course provide the clue trail.

Each hire contract is subject to the terms and conditions of the hirer and the contract of hire is signed between your organisation and the hirer.

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